This stuff is true.  It has to be true.  We couldn't make it up.
Stick People
The Japanese people are hoping to measure up. They are instructed that they must measure down or receive mandatory re-education.
The Japanese people now have a national law mandating companies and local governments to measure the waistlines of Japanese people between the ages of 40 & 74. This is now part of their annual checkups. This means that over 56 million waistlines -- around 44% -- of all Japanese waistlines will be measured.

While health experts warn of the risk of obesity, a new Japanese study advises that being very skinny is more dangerous. This study also found that people who are somewhat chubby live longer than skinny people.

The study found that people who are a little overweight at age 40 live six to seven years longer than very thin people. Very thin people have life expectancy that is less by approximately five years than the life expectancy of obese people.

Observing Our World:  There is serious lesson for all free people: An inch allowed to be taken from the people will turn into a loss of rights a mile long... or wide, whatever the government can tax, take, or appropriate.

Obamacare Is
Obamacare is a means for the government to take over one-sixth of the entire US economy.
The government -- politicians, unelected officials, & bureaucrats -- will determine if and when you will be allowed to receive medical care.
Health care is the secondary objective for the Obama administration. The administration's primary objective is to control Americans. The individuals in charge of this administration and in Congress are not subject to Obamacare's rules, procedures, regulations, and rationing of resources.
Under Obamacare the American health care industry will operate inefficiently as do most government agencies. There will be massive fraud, incompetence, and bureaucratic problems. Americans will learn to expect rationing of care. Soon everyone will know someone who died because he did not receive health care.

America's Coal Car
This is the Chevy Volt, GM's electric car.

This is the car that the US government has promoted and used taxpayer money to produce.

Its base list price, MSRP, is $40,280.

The Chevy Volt runs on electricity. It must be plugged in to an electric outlet and charged for several hours before it can be driven. It will then travel about 35 miles before switching to its 4-cylinder gasoline engine.
Where does the electricity that charges the car's battery come from?
Approximately 56% of all electricity used in America is coal-generated.
Therefore, the Chevy Volt runs on coal that has been converted to electricity that charges the battery in this 3,800 pound vehicle... for the first 35 miles anyway.
And Americans joke about the Yugo...?

Fishy Deep Water Drilling
Doing What They Do Best:  Wrangling exemptions from politicians and regulators.

The future of BPís offshore oil operations in the Gulf of Mexico has been thrown into doubt by the recent drilling disaster and legal wrangling over a moratorium.

But about three miles off the coast of Alaska, BP is moving ahead with a controversial and potentially record-setting project to drill two miles under the sea and then six to eight miles horizontally to reach what is believed to be a 100-million-barrel reservoir of oil under federal waters.

All other new projects in the Arctic have been halted by the Obama administrationís moratorium on offshore drilling, including more traditional projects like Shell Oilís plans to drill three wells in the Chukchi Sea and two in the Beaufort Sea.

However, BPís project, called Liberty, has been exempted by federal regulators. BP has been granted status as an "onshore" project. This, even though it is about three miles off the coast in the Beaufort Sea.

The reason for the exemption is that it sits on an artificial island. An artificial island -- that is actually a 31-acre pile of gravel in about 22 feet of water -- built by BP.

Observing Our World:  Where is Sarah Palin, ex-governor of Alaska, when she might accomplish something by preventing the use of a loophole by a verified polluting company?

Over The Top, Beyond The Moon, Past The Stars
First it was equal opportunity.
Now it is unending aggrandizing of often non-existent difficulties & examination of special specialties of the most special.
The Associated Press announced an important change in a high-profile news beat that is overseen by its national desk. This new beat is called "race and ethnicity." Will this unending exposing force us to all get along?  Read more.
Observing Our World:  As soon as we think perhaps the top has been reached, there comes along another inappropriate narcissistic excess. The very existence of this excess identifies much about our culture. It also generates a question: Will there never be an end to the You're-So-Special narcissisms contrived by our demented, self-absorbed culture?

Look Out Below!
First it was global warming. Now it's global lighting.
Toronto, Canada's bureaucrats' minions are spreading across Toronto during this summer. Their assignment is to analyze the angle of the sun at different times of the day, measure the amount of direct or reflected sunlight and assess the "quantity and usability" of shade in parks, playgrounds and swimming pools.  Read more.
Observing Our World:  Such arrogance from so many petty politicians who, having been shaded from educations all their lives, now want to spread the darkness. All is well if they can specify, mandate, and control you.

Spoiled Over-paid Under-worked Juveniles Attempt To Manage Business
Customers Work Save-Our-Starbucks Task
Starbucks -- a publicly-traded, for-profit corporation -- announced that because it greatly over-expanded, it must now close approximately 600 stores. In today's culture of overly-empowered juveniles we observe a new phenomenon that involves clumps of juveniles glomming together to re-shape a corporate or government policy using their inexperience and lack of wisdom to ensure that a situation remains inefficient and less profitable.  Read more.
Observing Our World:  Easy Solution No. 1:  Starbucks uses variable pricing, thereby allowing its prices to rise as sales fall. Then these same Starbucks lovers will whine that Starbuck is not fair because it charges too much. These juveniles who apparently spend many hours of their "work day" in Starbucks should grab this opportunity to buy the closing fully-equipped Starbucks facilities. These know-it-alls should seize this opportunity to invest their own money and make those failing Starbucks locations profitable. Do they have the knowledge or guts? Today's juveniles should learn that without making a profit no business can provide quality products -- even when supported by a socialistic government. Yes, kiddies, governments also can fail. Have you heard of the Soviet Union, East Germany, and incidentally, how many Starbucks are there in North Korea? is a trademark of Technology America Corporation.  All rights reserved.  All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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